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PostSubject: NQ Shortcuts   NQ Shortcuts I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 18, 2013 8:18 pm

Here is a list of all available shortcuts on NoQuarter 1.2.9.

NoQuarter Shortcuts:

[a] Last player who gave you ammo
[b]Last teammate who teambleeded you (New in 1.2.7)
[c] Amount of teamdamage the last teammate inflicted on you (New in 1.2.7)
[d] Last player who killed you
[f] Last teammate who called for ammo from a fieldops (New in 1.2.7)
[h] Last player who gave you health
[k] Last player you killed
[l] Your current location
[m] Last teammate who called for a medic (New in 1.2.7)
[n] Your nickname
[p] Teammate you're currently pointing at
[r] Last player who revived you
[s] Your current health
[t] Ammo for current weapon
[w] Weapon you're currently holding
[x] Last player who connected to the server (New in 1.2.7)

Example: /bind x say "I killed you [k]"[/b]
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NQ Shortcuts
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