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 Insults: Public or Private

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Insults: Public or Private Empty
PostSubject: Insults: Public or Private   Insults: Public or Private I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 06, 2018 5:46 pm

Ok, we need to clear things up on this subject.

When joining G!X, you join a gathering of people who like to play on our servers, and will back up eachother publicly. You understand that even though the clan as a whole is one, that it is made up of individuals. Each individual has his or her own opinion on every matter. That's what makes this clan so great. With all the different opinions out there, we can still make decisions and move on. With that said, there seems to be small problems arising. Not everyone is going to like you. Plain and simple. Get used to it, it's a fact of life.

Insulting a clanmate in public, i.e. on the servers or here on the forums will not be tolerated. If you have a difference of opinion or just plain don't like the person then fine. But don't make it known to everyone under the sun.

All this does is cause people to leave, and gives any visiting clans a bad impression of us. It also makes ETPubbers not want to join the clan. Now I realize that the bulk of the clan is made up of people between the ages of 10-17, and that's fine. But this isn't High School or Middle School. You can't meet the person at the bike racks after school or anything.

These are the insults that are done behind everything, i.e. XFire, messaging programs, email. Even though insulting people is childish and immature, these types are acceptable. There is nothing pertaining to the clan, nor can it make the clan look bad. These insults can also be deleted, blocked, and not read. So if you choose to read them, then that is on you. If it comes to the point to where you are thinking about leaving the clan over it, then the Supremes can step in and talk to the other person. But since it's not being broadcasted everywhere, all we can do is tell the person to stop.

Now don't get the idea that you can get people to leave the clan by constantly insulting someone through private means and nothing happen to you. If it comes up that multiple people are complaining or leaving because you are insulting them through private means, then something will be done, and it will be directed your way.

Anyone caught insulting in public can expect something to happen to them. Here is a list of what might happen:

    Muting lasting for a few hoursKicked from the serverDemotion - If already lvl 4, then this step will be skippedLimited Ban - i.e. 90 minutesServer Wide Ban and Kicked out of Clan

So if you don't like someone, then just move on with your life, and not bother with it. Why put yourself in a spot to where you might get into trouble on something you do for fun?
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Insults: Public or Private
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